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Probiotics*-the key to protecting oral health

There are a large number of microbial flora in the human oral cavity, which is composed of beneficial bacteria, neutral bacteria and harmful bacteria. When the three are in balance, the oral cavity is in a healthy state. However, affected by eating habits, insufficient cleaning and physiological factors, the oral flora will gradually lose its balance, causing harmful bacteria to accelerate and expand, leading to various oral problems.

Lactobacillus salivarius(Paradens) is a kind of probiotics derived from the human body that can bind to dental surface, having the advantages of production of antimicrobial substances against oral, reduction of the inflammatory response,and alteration of oral environment.

Probiotic toothpaste

Add beneficial ingredients of probiotics to care for gums and maintain oral health.

·More security

Lactobacillus derived from human body is safe and natural without side effects;

·More health

Rich soothing factors are contained, effectively alleviating oral problems;

·More clean

Reduce dental plaque, maintain oral health; Regain your smile to confidently cope with various occasions;

Perfct Probiotic Toothpaste

The oral care brand Perfct, in response to people's different needs and different stages of oral problems, combined with advanced oral care concepts, designs more flexible and more friendly oral health management solutions for consumers.

Perfct Probiotic series toothpaste, adding beneficial ingredients of probiotics, if you brush you teeth scientifically every day,it can reduce the adhesion of dental plaque in the mouth, maintain the health of teeth and gums, reduce dental stains and enhance oral purification,  protecting people's oral health.

Perfct Probiotic Children Toothpaste

Babies before the age of 6 are in the period of deciduous teeth growth. At this time, their teeth are more fragile,and their oral immunity is weaker than that of adults, so they are vulnerable to harmful bacteria. Therefore, the care of deciduous teeth is very important, and the healthy growth of deciduous teeth can lay a good foundation for tooth replacement.

6-year-old children begin to enter the period of tooth replacement. The newly-grown permanent teeth will accompany the child’s life, and the enamel of the new permanent teeth is weak. If the cleaning is not in place, it is easy to cause tooth decay and other problems. Therefore, paying attention to the growth of permanent teeth and oral health is particularly important.


Why Choose Perfct
  • 22
    22 Years History
    Mr.Zhangwensheng set up the company in 1997 and entered into oral care business.
  • 30
    More Than 30 Countries and Regions
    Sales footprint is all over the world,Serving consumers more than 30 countries and regions.
  • 220
    220 Patents
    We have 220 patents and accumulated many core formulations and expertise.
  • 800
    R&D Laboratory More Than 800 Square Meters
    A CNAS-certified R&D and testing laboratory has been established, which has the ability to produce global mutual recognition test reports.
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