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Personal Care Wipes

Personal care wipes: protect the healthy life of the whole family

With the coming of new consumption era, people are pursuing quality and healthy life style, and more and more tend to choose nursing wipes with fine differentiation function to meet daily life needs. Perfect group produces 1658.7505 million pieces of wet paper towels annually. Its products are highly trusted by overseas users, with an export rate of more than 95%. The current products of perfect group include: baby wipes / facial wipes / intimate hygiene wipes / flushable toilet wipes / household clean wipes / eco friendly wipes

Our company has participated in the formulation of national and industry standards for personal care products many times, and is the main drafting unit of WS 575-2017 Hygiene requirements for wet wipes. Perfct has a clean workshop that produces American OTC (Over-The-Counter drug) wet wipes, which is highly clean and dust-free; it is also equipped with a water treatment system that meets the United States Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopoeia purified water standards, and has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification, ISO22716 and US GMPC certification, a CNAS accredited testing laboratory has been established, and it has passed the official on-site audit of the US FDA.

Perfct wipes products cover a wide range. Existing products include baby wipes, makeup remover cleansing wipes, sterilization sanitary wipes, all of which are produced and quality controlled in strict accordance with relevant laws, regulations and standards.

Personal Care Wipes

How to Choose perfect wipes? 

The quality of wipes produced by well-known brands is reliable, and most people will take well-known brands as their first choice for purchase.

In the purchase also distinguish between high quality and poor quality wipes, high-quality wipes will have a soft and elegant fragrance, without any irritating smell, while poor quality wipes have an obvious irritating smell, and need to pay attention to check the product information details of the wipes package, with alcohol wipes are best not to buy, if it is a baby wipes, be sure to read the ingredients description, baby wipes are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-irritating, non-fluorescent The wipes are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-irritating and fluorescent-free. Generally speaking, high-quality wipes are mostly non-woven, with longitudinal webbing spunlace non-woven fabric is the best, the texture is soft and white, feel tight and thick, poor quality wipes thin and easy to deform. In use, high-quality wet wipes will not be hairy, poor quality wet wipes are obvious hairy phenomenon, the skin irritation.

How to distinguish perfect wipes? 

1. The wipes will be placed on the nose gently smell, if it is a high-quality wipes we will smell a soft and light smell, it does not have any irritation. If it is a pack of poor quality wet wipes, we will feel the obvious irritating odor when we smell.

2. High-quality wet wipes are made of high-quality raw materials, we can see the non-woven fabric white, without any impurities. And poor quality wet wipes their raw materials are very poor, we can see that there are obvious impurities on the top, high-quality wet wipes in the process of use, there will be no obvious hair phenomenon, while poor quality wet wipes in the process of use have very obvious hair phenomenon.

3. After taking out the wet wipes, if the wet wipes have produced mold, long mold, this wet wipes should not be used. If in the process of using the wipes feel the skin irritation, more itchy, painful feeling, should immediately wash with water and stop using, so as not to cause more harm.

4. Carefully check the product endorsement, choose a detailed factory address, service telephone, health standards, corporate standards and related health department record number and other information of the regular manufacturer's brand.

Application of personal care wipes

The wipes on the market can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the disinfection itself has been disinfected, but can not disinfect other items, which contains skin care ingredients, can only do skin moistening maintenance. The other category is not only disinfected itself, but also on other items can also play a disinfection role of disinfection wipes, can be used to do skin abrasions, scratches, etc. disinfection or sterilization.

The substrate of wet wipes are spunlace non-woven fabric, in the non-woven fabric there are completely plant fiber sources of cloth, such as pure cotton non-woven fabric, there are also plant fibers and polyester mix of ordinary non-woven fabric. Wet towel brand on the market spunlace cloth texture is generally soft, but also will not lose flocculation, can be used as baby wipes. Pure plant fiber non-woven fabric has good water locking and soft, but there is also another problem, some bacteria can decompose the plant fiber to obtain nutrients. Therefore pure plant fiber wipes, under the same conditions, are more prone to microbial contamination, and therefore may need to do more anti-bacterial measures.

Safety concept of personal care wipes

Wet wipes are the invention of the last century. The business environment at that time is: wet wipes factory to go through all levels of dealers, agents and then into the supermarket chains and stores, in order to reduce the loss of products in the circulation of business, the design of the shelf life of wet wipes is usually more than 2 years, which is the core of "commercial safety" as the concept of product design. However, unfortunately, wet wipes processing have been using this tradition for more than 60 years after the invention of wet wipes, and the habit of having a shelf life of 2 years or more has been used until now. Domestic e-commerce developed, wet wipes can be achieved from the factory directly to the consumer's home, if the "baby safety" to create the concept of wet wipes, should go to do a shorter shelf life of wet wipes. Because the shorter the shelf life, the less chemical antiseptic needs to be added to the wipes, and the less chemical preservatives can enter the baby's body when using them, which is safer for the baby. Pei Ai advocates and practices this new product design concept and finally realizes the complete replacement of chemical preservatives with natural plant extracts with anti-bacterial function. Therefore for you to recommend the pure plant formula without any chemical preservatives added.

Wipes for different purposes have their own characteristics

General purpose wipes are mainly used to clean the skin. For different usages, personal care wipes have different wipes processing. A variety of packaging forms are available, one piece, two pieces of packaging, 10 pieces of independent packaging or 10 pieces of small packaging, easy to carry, out and about is not easy to wash with water, clean with, ready to use at any time to take, very convenient. The commercial ones are mostly packaged in one piece, one pack per person when using, that is, discarded. According to the use of substrates and the different composition of the liquid dipped, the product has a high, medium and low-grade, the price also varies greatly, low-grade products using hot-rolled (or called hot air) non-woven fabric as the substrate, medium and high-grade products using dust-free paper (or called dry paper) or spunlace non-woven fabric as the substrate. Ordinary wet wipes dipped in liquid ingredients are generally distilled water or purified water, disinfectants, fragrances, with skin softening, skin care role of medium and high-end products dipped in liquid also contains aloe vera gel, vitamin E, cocoa phosphatidic acid, glycerin, malic acid and other skin care ingredients, the use of cleaning, moisturizing, moisturizing once completed. The shelf life of the product is generally 6 months to 3 years.

Common components of personal care wipes

There are common components of personal care wipes of wet towel brand.

1. Water - refined water, pure water, RO pure water: wet wipes in the pharmaceutical water content generally accounts for about 80%, the water content is too low wet wipes will feel dry, and vice versa, the water content is too high will feel too wet, inconvenient to use. And more than 90% of the pharmaceuticals is water, in order to better avoid the reaction of water and pharmaceuticals, the water used in the wipes must be a special processing of water, can be seen on the outer packaging components "refined water", "pure water", "RO pure water" word "RO pure water" words.

2. Humectant - propylene glycol: propylene glycol is a solution, but also a humectant. It can help the effective chemicals in the pharmaceutical dissolved in water, so that the water is not easy to evaporate out, and play anti-bacterial, antiseptic effect, so basically commonly used in wet wipes have it. Generally speaking, wet wipes contain this ingredient.

3. Preservatives - phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, nipagin: wipes contain a lot of water and other chemicals, in order to better maintain the effective chemical activity, it is necessary to add preservatives, but the general water content is very low, will not cause negative effects.

4. Antimicrobial agents - lactic acid na, eucalyptus leaves: there are many varieties of antimicrobial agents, not only chemically synthesized antimicrobial agents but also purely natural ones. The effect is simply to destroy bacteria and inhibit their reproduction.

5. Non-ionic surfactants - polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polyether: laundry detergent and most detergents contain non-ionic surfactants, the specific effect is used to remove stains and grease, to achieve cleaning effect. Sanitary wipes contain a certain amount of germicidal drugs, which can restrain and kill some of the bacteria, and are used for the face and hands. There are many varieties of wet wipes, so it's best to find the right one for your needs and buy it.

Is it bad to wipe my face with personal care wipes ? 

Depends on the quality of wet wipes and wet towel brand. Wet wipes are defined by the definition of wet wipes: wet wipes are non-woven fabric, fabric, dust-free paper or other materials as the carrier, purified water for the production of water, add preservatives and other excipients, hands, skin mucous membrane or object surface with cleaning, anti-bacterial or disinfection products. Simply put, wet wipes are "paper towel + 99% water + other". The material of wet wipes mainly has chemical fiber non-woven fabric, pure cotton cloth, chemical fiber and cotton mixed fabric, full wood pulp paper. And the quality of wet wipes does not have much to do with. All of the wet wipes are around 99%, so some of the wet wipes that claim to be 99% pure water are completely talking nonsense. Because wipes are rich in water, they are extremely susceptible to bacteria and microbes. And for commercial circulation, wipes need a shelf life of 2-3 years, so businesses will choose cheap and efficient chemical preservatives to inhibit bacteria and preserve quality. Some will also add moisturizers, disinfectants, etc. These chemicals are certainly not good for the skin. Especially for babies, baby skin is fragile and thin, the skin barrier function is not fully developed, chemical substances are very easy to be absorbed. This leads to baby allergies and other reactions. So the quality of baby wipes requires more. If you wipe your face I recommend choosing non-fluorescent, alcohol-free wipes. I recommend a Pei Ai wipes, which are specially developed for newborn babies. The wipes are made of pure plant formula, without adding any chemical preservatives, with a shelf life of 180 days, so it is perfectly fine to wipe your face.

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