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Household Clean Wipes
Household Clean Wipes Household Clean Wipes

Household Clean Wipes


  • Quick & easy clean the surfaces of kitchen, floor, glass, bathroom and Furnitures.

  • Refreshing scent: revitalizing infusion of cucumber, green tea, mint, & Citrus scents.

  • Easy to take on the go.

  • Both available for soft pack and canister pack.

Applicable scenes:

· Kitchen cleaning: range hoods, stoves, microwave ovens, stoves, cabinets, etc.;

· Bathroom cleaning: bathtub, toilet, wash basin, etc.;

· Children's toys: hard surface toys, bathtubs, changing tables, etc.;

· Car office: dining chair, keyboard, computer, car interior, etc.;


· Can replace traditional wipes and avoid cross-contamination, worry-free and safe;

· Whether at home or out, take one at any time can clean and disinfect;

· Different household clean wipes have different functions, and they are all necessary cleaning products in modern household life.

Product Display of Household Clean Wipes
Household Clean Wipes
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