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Oral Freshener
Oral Freshener Oral Freshener

Oral Freshener


Flavor: Fresh lemon/Fresh mint /Cool mint

Fresh lemon flavor and mint flavor can keep the expressions using Fresh and refreshing, instant refreshing. It also eliminates bad breath.

  • fresh breath, mild and long-lasting

  • enjoy the breath, comfortable mood

  • easy to carry and safe to use

Product Display of Oral Freshener
Oral Freshener

Fresh breath / antibacterial fast / clear odor

Three steps of fresh breath, each bottle of 15ml can be used more than 120 times normally

Oral Freshener Instructions:

Hold the bottle in your hand and keep your thumb 90 ° perpendicular to the bottle;

· Mouth spray is directed at the inside of the mouth 2-3 times, if the breath is severe, the frequency can be increased by an appropriate amount;

· Keep your mouth fresh and comfortable for about 40 minutes.

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