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Focus︱The Perfect Shines in 2019 Shanghai Beauty Expo, Interpret the New Concept of Graded Nursing
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Focus︱The Perfect Shines in 2019 Shanghai Beauty Expo, Interpret the New Concept of Graded Nursing

Focus︱The Perfect Shines in 2019 Shanghai Beauty Expo, Interpret the New Concept of Graded Nursing

The 24th China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) was held in Pudong New International Expo Center on May 20, 2019. CBE is the leading beauty trade event in Asia, and it is also the best choice for many people in the industry to pay attention to the development trend of the industry and obtain the information of the industry trend.

With open booth design, soft lighting layout, online red card punch area showing trend personality, game machine for audience interaction... the style of the whole exhibition hall is simple and generous, showing the brand charm of doubly clean.

Several new products appear for the first time, explaining the new concept of graded nursing

01 "light customization" of toothbrush

In 2018, the Perfect delivered the new concept of "graded care" for oral care to you; in this Beauty Expo, The Perfect toothbrush's new packaging made a wonderful appearance! The newly upgraded toothbrush package mainly adopts the minimalist light medical style, the overall paper card layout is simple, and the toothbrush "light customization" is used to visually spread the toothbrush classification concept from a professional perspective.

At the same time, we subdivided the toothbrush products according to people's diverse oral care needs, age of people, use habits and other aspects, and the whole product system is more scientific and systematic. The concept of graded nursing and perfect product system are more suitable for the current and future oral care market consumption trend.

02 layout the market of intelligent oral care products

Seizing the market opportunity, according to the consumption upgrading caused by the development of consumer groups and technology, the Perfect is devoted to product research and development. While focusing on product development, it puts forward a new concept of oral care, "grading care, more healthy oral cavity", and at the same time, it flexibly applies this concept to the research and development of intelligent electric toothbrush series products. At the exhibition site, we also exhibited a series of new electric toothbrushes, which is the first appearance of the new electric toothbrush, and also the surprise work brought by the Perfect.

The new electric toothbrush series of the  follows the brand idea of "a new way of healthy oral cavity" of the Perfect and the brand slogan of "graded care, healthier oral cavity". From basic, tooth strengthening to intelligent care, it matches more targeted oral care products for consumers. It is hoped that different consumers can "light" customize their electric toothbrush products in different oral states.

03 probiotic toothpastes to help the quality consumption of toothpaste market

As a national brand that has been deeply cultivated in the industry for more than 20 years, The Perfect hopes to use its design and technical force to embody the "oral management" to the extreme, which is the brand vision of the Perfect; The Perfect is committed to making people get a matching oral solution from prevention to improvement. The new probiotic toothpaste series, which was first presented in this Beauty Expo, also integrates the nursing concept of beca clean science.

The purpose of our toothpaste is to provide consumers with a safe, healthy and clean oral environment. With Probiotics + bicarbonate, probiotics + pearl, probiotics + liquid calcium, probiotics + vitamin C, probiotic children's toothpaste, etc., multiple product types cover all kinds of people, different oral environment and various oral care needs. Whether you are a white-collar office worker who often has close social contact, or a trendsetter in a fresh and fashionable era, or a baby mother during pregnancy, deciduous teeth and tooth replacement children, you can find the toothpaste suitable for you in this series.

04 "original Star" new brand and new power

Oral star toothbrush is a private oral care brand built by the Perfect in 2019. While striving to make the existing products bigger and stronger, we will further explore the industry segments and constantly enrich the product categories of oral care and personal care. Oral star will also adopt a diversified sales layout, focusing on bringing healthy oral care products to more people.

Many star products were displayed. Its exquisite packaging and excellent quality made every on-site visitors linger. That's the charm of the Perfect.

On site in-depth communication, exploring the new development trend of the industry

The high-end and atmospheric booth design and the debut of many new products and new product packages have attracted the attention of the crowd and won the praise and recognition of the public. At the same time, there were many customers who are attracted to our staff for in-depth communication and discussion. The scene was very hot.

In addition to being invited to participate in the exhibition, the Perfect was also invited to hold six industry summit forums on the theme of "new consumption era, upgrading and transformation of Chinese oral care concept" at the site of the Beauty Expo to discuss new ways of healthy oral development with industry personnel.

During this exhibition, the Perfect hopes that we can not only show our products, but also convey our scientific oral and personal care concepts to the public through the product structure and new product packaging design aesthetic concepts covered by our whole series. We hope that you can feel our brand concept through our product experience. We can together to contribute to the oral and personal care health market.

Winning the title of "China's good brand" climaxes the scene atmosphere

On the second day of the exhibition, we had the honor to welcome Mr. Sang Jingmin, the founder and chairman of the Beauty Expo, to the stage. In the witness of many visitors in the booth, Mr. Sang issued the medal of "the 24th CBE good brand oral care category" for the Perfect, and the atmosphere at the scene once reached a climax.

This Beauty Expo has ended. On the road of healthy development, the Perfect will continue to adhere to the development mission of "making life healthier and better", walk with every customer, and drive the development of national brands with innovation. We also hope to design a more flexible and friendly oral health management scheme for Chinese people in the new consumption era through our design, professional strength and quality intentions. We can make life be more healthy, more beneficial!

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